Contains:  75% fruits and nuts!
     - Pecans (we only use this years fresh pecans)
     - Red and green cherries
     - Red, green, and yellow pineapple
     - Dates, raisins, and citron
     - Whiskey and wine
     - Slow cooked
     - A dozen other ingredients which give this fruitcake
          it’s body and wonderful unique taste

3 lb. Fruitcake in decorative tin - $46.50

 Multiple cakes may be selected during checkout.

If you’d like to have your cake shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, or a foreign country, please call us at 314-540-1717.  You may pay for your order using Pay-Pal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, Checks, or Money orders.  Please note that your purchase made with Checks or Money Orders will take longer to process and must clear before cake will ship.

75% fruits and nuts!

Helpful hints:

  1. Use a sharp knife and in a sawing motion cut your fruitcake. After each slice or so you will notice some of the cake clinging to the sharp knife. Wash the sharp knife in cold water and continue cutting your fruitcake
  2. To add unique flavors to this cake try marinating it.  Saturate a piece of cheesecloth with 1-3 oz. of your favorite cognac, brandy or whiskey. Wrap the fruitcake in the cheesecloth. Seal the fruitcake in a plastic wrap and let marinate until you are ready to serve.
  3. To keep fresh and moist for months, store in the refrigerator.